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We are independent Green World distributor consultants in South Africa, Green World was established to initially to develop quality nutritional herbal and natural supplements utilizing high technology.

Because Green World’s health products have made outstanding contribution to mankind’s health, they have been honored with many awards given by both nationally and internationally recognized institutes.

And the credits are significantly indebted to the rigorous implementation of the practice for the Chinese herbal medicine applied both in China and world wide.

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Green World herbal medications are products of GREEN WORLD GROUP which is a well organized transnational company with over 50 subsidiary companies all over the world run by highly professional management team and 8 scientific research institutes and centers both in the United States of America and China with prestigious world-level scientists and research fellows on board.

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Green World Company

Established in 1994, Green World is a transnational group engaged in research and development, production and marketing of health care products.

Adhering to People Oriented and Honesty First as its core value, Green World has endeavored to improve people’s health and lifestyle through its R&D strengths and cutting-edge production technologies.

Guided by its health philosophy of “From Nature, Beyond Nature and Back to Nature”, Green World has been dedicated in integrating the safest and the purist plant essence of nature to produce health care products as well as promote the health concept around the world.

Dr. De Mingli, the founder of Green World, has achieved outstanding progress in researches of using plant essence to counteract cancer. During her advance study and research work in the US Dr. Deming Li has contacted many high-caliber R&D talents and has thoroughly studied the world-leading techniques and sources of raw materials.