According to Wikipedia, It has a wide range of functions, including detoxification, protein synthesis, and production of biochemical’s necessary for digestion. The liver is necessary for survival; there is currently no way to compensate for the absence of liver function in the long term, although new liver dialysis techniques can be used in the short term.

World brand Livergen capsules from Green World are refined from natural plant materials, which can stimulate circulation to end stasis, improve the hepatic blood flow and the microcirculation in the liver, promote the regeneration of liver cells and the production of fresh liver blood, soften the liver and spleen, resist fat, strengthen immune system, prevent the invasion of harmful virus to liver, eliminate remnant of alcohol and tar in the liver cells and gradually renew the normal function of liver that has been attacked, provide health care to liver.

Eating healthy foods for the liver can improve and support liver function on a daily basis. Having a healthy liver results in greater energy and general well-being. A poorly functioning liver can result in tiredness, headaches, bad breath, allergies and intolerances, problem skin and weight gain

Green World Livergn: Provide Health Care To The Liver.

Green world Livergen capsule can assist in the treatment of the abnormal function of liver and hepatitis B, it is suitable for the acute hepatic-cirrhosis and chronic hepatitis.
Ingredients: cassia seed, Chinese wolfberry, white chrysanthemum, the root of Danhurian angelica, Chinese yam, dandelion.

As an effective detoxifier, this product can reduce stases and invigorate blood circulation; increase blood flow to the liver; improve hepatic microcirculation; promote liver cell regeneration; stop the progress of liver scar, prevent fatty liver, protect the liver from damaging toxins; relieve hangover; restore normal function of the liver.

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