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Ingredients: Propolis, Radix Ginseng Extractum, Vegitable oil.


Propolis possesses antimicrobial properties against various bacterial and fungal infections. and improves nutritional status and well being of human beings.

Key Knowledge:

There are more than 30 kinds of flavones compounds, various kinds of terpenes, 20 amino acids, various vitamin, active enzymes,34 trace elements like iron, zinc, chromes, selenium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, etc. It also contains 10 aromatic acids, 30 aromatic esters, over 30 fatty acids Polysaccharides in propolis that are essential for the body.

History of Propolis:

Propolis has a history medicinal use, dating back 350 B.C, the time of Aristotle. Greeks have used propolis for abscesses; Assyrians have used it for healing wounds and tumors; and Egyptians have used it for mummification. This natural bee products is renown of ” elixir” and “natural antibiotic”. About 1900 years ago, the ancient Roman encyclopedia “History of nature” mentioned a detailed description of source and effect of propolis,

Antiseptic and Antimicrobial Properties:

Research has shown that propolis offers antiseptic, antibiotic, antibacterial, antifungal and even antiviral properties Propolis is nature;s premiere preventive, it is so powerful in action,it is often called Russian penicillin in acknowledgement of the extensive research the Russians have mounted on this wonder work from the bees. Propolis demonstrate strong antimicrobial properties against various bacterial and fungal infestations. Even atreptococcus bacteria have been shown sensitive to propolis.

Improve Immunity:

Modern scientific studies indicate that those who take propolis escape winter colds and sore throats and seem to develop a naturally immunity to common viruses. Including stains of flu. And it’s natural antibiotic nature destroys most of bacterial infections in the body. both the friendly, (necessary flora required for healthy functioning in the entire gastrointestinal tract) and the bad intestinal flora.

Multiple Functions:

Propolis has also been proven effective against strains of bacteria that resist chemical antibiotics. The field of the influence of propolis is extremely broad. It includes cancer, infection of the urinary tract, swelling of the throat, Gout, Open wounds, Sinus congestion, colds, influenza, Bronchitis, gastritis, disease of the ears, periodontal disease, intestinal infections, Ulcers, Eczema eruptions, Pneumonia, Arthritis, Lung disease, Bile infections, sclerosis, circulation deficiencies, warts, conductivities and hoarseness.

Suitable For:

People with chronic infections, (bacterial, fungal and viral infection), compromise immunity,

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